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Cast Steel Y-Strainer-DIN

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Pressure Rating: PN16-PN63 

Material:GS-C25;1.0619;GP240GH,1.4308;1.4408,1.4571,1.4581,S31803 and Other Alloy Steel

Design & Manufacture: DIN EN 12516-1,

Face to Face Dimension: EN558

Flange Ends Dimension:EN1092

Test & Inspection:EN12266


Bolted Cover with Drain Plug

Optional Screen Size

Bolted Cover with Drain Plug

Optional Screen Size

Compared with the prevailing common Y-type filter, thanks to the quick-opening device theme, the guiding and positioning device between the secretory organ and therefore the gap mechanism will make sure that the secretory organ doesn't slip and hurt once opened, and might be warranted once compacted. The secretory organ is well sealed.

The design of the guide sleeve solves the matter of being stuck once the filter component is put in, avoiding the lower finish of the filter component from colliding with the valve body boss and inflicting harm to the filter screen once compacted.

The bottom of the filter component and therefore the guide sleeve ar designed with a boss and a groove, and a waterproofing member is additional at the filter boss to boost the waterproofing performance.

The pressing limit area is hyperbolic at the secretory organ of the pressing device, and therefore the pressing quantity of the waterproofing device is controlled to forestall the waterproofing device from being broken once the axial pressure is to a fault giant, and therefore the waterproofing performance between the filter component and therefore the valve body is ensured, and therefore the cause is overcome. once the fast impact force is simply too giant, the filter component is separated from the waterproofing surface of the valve body, that provides a guarantee for the fluid to labor under the filter component, thereby enhancing the filtering result.

The filter component will increase the skeleton support, enhances the structural strength, and therefore the life is 5-8 times that of the standard filter component. The structure of the quick-opening Y-type filter allows the upkeep personnel to open the filter cleanup filter to save lots of time and energy and improve work potency.

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